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MBPC Performance Bike Fit


*£50 Workshop charge may apply to bikes that need extensions changing and re-cabling/wiring

A bike fit designed to optimise power and aerodynamics!

Performance Bike Fitting with MBPC

The MBPC Performance Bike Fit is designed to maximise your potential through fine tuning aerodynamics and power output. 

We do this through using everything we have learned over the enhancement of aerodynamics within cycling and implementing this into your fit.


In addition to coaching you to the right position on the bike we will provide you with specific session that you can do to help hold this position when it comes to racing. This is something that we are very passionate about due to too many fits not being transferable to the road. 

It is important to understand that the level of the sport we compete at requires more extreme position than would be accepted within a shop fit environment, so don't settle for 'safe' boundaries as you are likely giving away free speed! 

*50% deposit will be lost if cancelled within 24 hours of session

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What is included?

  • Initial consultation - General background, previous bike fits/aero testing, injuries or illnesses, lifestyle & your training session from the previous day so we know how hard we can push you!

  • We then set some key objectives for the fit, this might be comfort, aerodynamics or saddle position. This is very individual but paramount for us to establish at the beginning of the fit. 

  • Once we have established the baseline position we will get you pedalling and begin to look at your aerodynamics. Depending on your objectives we may repeat the pedalling efficiency test during the fit in order to track the changes your saddle position makes.

  • Training sessions - a crucial part of what we do is giving you, the rider, the ability to train the position and improve it through muscle memory. Specific session will help this and we'll add these metaphoric tools to your armoury before you leave.

  • Fit Report - We ensure that you know and understand the changes we have made throughout, to do this we send you an in depth report from your session with us and will of course answer any questions you might have after your fit! 

  • Contact us below to get booked in now!

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