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4-Spoke Aero Tubeless - Ultralight Aero

When it comes to speed, the lightweight CADEX 4-Spoke Aero is second to none. Developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis by our long-term partner Aero Concepts Engineering (ACE) in Magny-Cours, France, and designed for the TT specialists of CCC Team, it’s also the wheel of choice for our elite triathletes seeking maximum performance, stability and acceleration.


Ultralight 18k carbon composite produces a stiff aero wheel structure with superlight weight for unmatched acceleration and speed.

Wide inner rim for optimal air transition from tire sidewall to wheel provides excellent aerodynamic benefit.

Low friction hub drastically diminishes power loss and maintains forward momentum at high speed.

Weight 840g

Rim width 27.6mm

CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Tubeless Front Wheel - Clincher - 9x100mm QR

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