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The new Type 5 Saddle is a redesign of the classic . Designed for the serious rider that has committed to a forward geometry bike. Designed to be ridden out on the nose of the saddle, the rider just perching on the front to open his thigh angle and build big power.The Type 5 will purposely feel a little hard when you first ride it, give it a few rides and it will disappear under you. It has industry leading 105mm long seat rails to give a broad range of adjustment, the nose is 55mm wide so there is no need to use “zip ties” or other adaptions to find the all day comfort on this saddle. If you like to ride an aggressive bar drop to cheat the wind, the short nose design is the best, the narrow nose section that gradually tapers to the rear will keep your upper thighs from getting chaffed.Designed for both Men and Women, there are so many subtle features that add to the great experience when using this saddle. We included our rear Hydration mounts to easily add a bottle to your bike, the unique curved back shape will also cradle you for better hill climbs. This is a hugely popular saddle for IM racing or for short Sprints, it opens up your upper body so you can breathe better and have the best races of your life.KEY FEATURES:SHORT NOSELONG PRESSURE RELEIF CHANNELLONG RAILSNARROW BY TRI/TT STANDARDSREAR HYDRATION MOUNTWEIGHT 366 gSEAT RAIL HOLLOW CHRO-MOLYREAR WIDTH 135 mmFRONT WIDTH 55 mmLENGTH 260 mmRELIEF CHANNEL 15 mm X 150 mmRAIL LENGTH 105 mm

Jcob Type 5 Saddle

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