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Be it time-trial, track or tri, the Kask Bambino Pro Evo Helmet, with its wind-tunnel tested, real-world proven aerodynamic performance, is exactly what you need when drag-reduction and pure speed on the bike is the aim.

A Competitive Edge

If you're paying attention to every small detail in pursuit of cycling speed, and seeking competitive advantages through your equipment, the Bambino Pro Evo Helmet is an investment worth making. You'll have seen it used to great effect during World Championship time trials, track races and Ironman races.

Aero Gains

The low-drag design has been designed to offer gains in a variety of head positions and the large visor allows for a clear view, even in the lowest of riding positions. The visor is attached via magnetic closures, maintaining a smooth streamlined fit at all times and making it easy to swap between lens types to suit the riding conditions.

Fast Comfort

When you're getting up to top speed and holding your effort, you'll soon be generating heat and sweat. However, the Bambino features 6 intake and 4 exhaust ports to provide cooling airflow. Tridimensional 3D DRY and Coolmax® padding dissipate moisture quickly too, keeping you cool and comfortable during your efforts. The padding is washable too, ensuring freshness every time. A hypoallergenic and washable chinstrap is also extremely comfortable and helps to avoid skin irritation.

Kask Bambino Pro Evo Helmet

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