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We have worked closely with Kismet Performance Parts to enhance the design of carbon pads. With the foam padding these weigh in at 104grams. 


Looking at current options we could not find the shape of pad that best suits what we're trying to achieve when riding the time trial or triathlon position. This led us to asking questions of current offerings and finding the design that suited exactly what we wanted. 


The higher side of the pad gives much more support, with a steeper angle giving a real flat edge to push into, within our own bike fitting process this has really enabled futher support and increased ability to hold shoulders and head positions in a more optimal way. 


Made entirely from carbon fibre these pads come blank (no holes drilled) so that you can drill them on to your bike in the most optimal position. Supplied with self adhesive foam padding (this can be changed frequently for best comfort at a very low cost) these pads give you everything you need when considering aerodynamics! 

Kismet Carbon High Sided Pads

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