A highly refined package with uncompromised support for the high-hands position. EVO is a supremely integrated solution, with greater options for position optimisation, increased stability and improved aerodynamics.

EVO Clamps

EVO Extension Clamps are the evolution of our 15 degree arm cup wedges. The one-piece 15 degree clamp provides class-leading fixation, adjustability and integration for athletes looking to achieve the perfect high-hands position.

Improved Fit

The EVO system is designed to accommodate the requirement for extra length. The EVO package provides extra forward adjustment range, supporting the achievement of an optimised time trial position.

Form Fitting

Low Rise 3D extensions are crafted to follow the contours of your forearm, improving integration between the bike and the body. Available in two lengths, Low Rise 3D extensions can be trimmed to achieve your optimal length and height gain.

EVO Integrated

EVO is designed to blend seamlessly with the bikes existing base bar. Each system is engineered for specific fitment, maximising integration and functionality with the unique requirements of each bike.

Maximum Support

Deep Groove arm cups are ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled security from lateral forearm movement, maximising support for aero positioning across all time trial disciplines.

UCI Compliant

The Project 0.2 EVO ecosystem was designed to produce the most effective time trial position, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.

Will EVO meet your requirements for position optimisation?

While EVO delivers on the objectives set out for the athletes we work with, the distinctive forward position of EVO will not be a viable solution for everyone.

The following details how to best select an EVO ecosystem for your needs, from the basic principles of EVO, to selecting extension length and the EVO Fit Kit specifics for each bike. Please take the time to get to know EVO that little bit more and if you have any questions on suitability, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Project 0.2 EVO Ecosystem

  • Prior to purchasing an EVO Ecosystem, please ensure you have been fitted to your bike and have factored in the following suggestions and measurements.

    • -  For riders on a size SMALL or MEDIUM TT bike, select MEDIUM EVO EXTENSIONS

    • -  For riders on a size LARGE TT bike, over 190cm tall, making use of additional length

      granted by the UCI, select LONG EVO EXTENSIONS

    • -  For riders on a size SMALL TT bike, select MEDIUM EVO EXTENSIONS

    • -  For riders on a size MEDIUM TT bike, select MEDIUM or LONG EVO EXTENSIONS

    • -  For riders on a size LARGE TT bike, select LONG EVO EXTENSIONS

      For Triathletes on a size medium TT bike, medium or long extensions may be used. A simple forearm measurement will help guide section.