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3 Benefits Of Having A Good Bike Fit!

We are now back fitting at the office doing the Bronze and Silver fits. It’s great to be back and helping you all get faster! We often get asked why book in for a fit? So I thought it would be good to put out there the 3 main benefits of having a good bike fit. Its great to have a new bike, it looks great etc but if you aren't fully optimised on it you will not reach your true potential on it. The benefits are endless really for getting a bike fit. For any cyclist or Triathlete considering getting a fit then these are the 3 key points to consider,

1) COMFORT - Being comfortable on the bike is essential to prevent injury and being efficient. As if you’re moving around a lot to keep in position you will loose speed, power and cadence which will end up in a poor performance. Saddle comfort is one of the most common issues we come up against in a fit, this is why we use the Gebiomize saddle pressure mapping system within our Silver Bike Fit package to really eliminate this and get you comfortable and secure.

2) Aerodynamics - This is a BIG one! There are so many tweaks and improvements to be made here. They say it’s “Free Speed” so who doesn’t want that? Bikes, equipment and people are all different so this such an important area to look at and as the saying goes the “best bang for your buck”. It’s important that you get fitted to each new bike you get, depending on the model of bike as the measurements are not always transferable.

3) Efficiency - By combining the first two points you become much more efficient on the bike. However, training in the new position and implementing the drills we give you at the fit into your own training is what makes the difference! Maintaining and holding the position takes work and time to adapt so the more you train in it the easier and more effective it becomes. So for instance, if you’re a Triathlete this will help you conserve energy on the bike leg to enable you to run better off the bike.

The benefits of having a bike fit are endless really, Find out for yourself by booking in for a fit with Matt. We have 3 options of fits for you. Skype Fit so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world Matt can still help you achieve a good fit. The in office ones are the Bronze and Silver packages.

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