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Matt Bottrill’s Week in Winter Training.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but thought it would be something of interest. Getting the work life balance is such a tricky balance to get with your training. It wasn’t too bad when just fitting the cycling in, however now I’ve decided to do some triathlons fitting the 3 disciplines and getting strength and conditioning in is much more of a challenge!

Running the business is very busy and can over take training at times but I have had to be stricter with myself to ensure the training gets done. The easiest thing to drop is the strength & conditioning however, this is arguably one of the most important elements for me. As now I’m 46 and been predominately a cyclist for 34 years it’s took its toll on my body. Sitting in the TT position I’m great at, running however is taking its toll on me. I have been having some hip issues so the S&C has really helped build my body back, I’ve been working on different planes for the body to really help strengthen the important areas. I have been guilty of letting this slip when I’ve felt good again but sure enough after a few weeks the weaknesses show. So I am really making a conscious effort to do at least 5-6 days a week, some sessions are longer than others depending on the time I have available that day.

So how a typical week in training for me looks like,


25mins - ECFit - Monday mobilty

40mins trial run - easy pace just adding some miles


30mins core and strength pre Bike ECFit

1hr 45 mins with 4x10 mins @Theshold pace


50mins big strength day ECFit

1hr with 15 secs .6 x 15 secs seated sprints


35mins breath work and mobilty -ECFit

90mins bike with 50mm a tempo pace


40mins run

1hr technique swim


30mins glute activation pre bike

3hrs with 3x10 mins rampinging intervals and sprints within the last 1hr


20mins mobilty and breath work

1hr tempo run

1hr swim

I have to have set goals to train for otherwise I struggle to stay motivated to train, especially when work is so busy and having time with the family. Now the kids are a bit older that does help and they often come swimming with me and my son will come out on the bike with me at the weekend. I will always go out early morning to get my training in so it doesn’t impact on family life as well as in the week for work. If I don’t train I feel sluggish and even if I can only get an hour in it’s better than nothing and makes me feel so much better. So whilst it can be hard at times to get it all in, I feel I have a good balance with it.

My biggest piece of advice is to have a plan, whether that’s self coached or being coached. Self coaching can be difficult at times when motivation is low or things aren’t going to plan and you’re repeating old habits and you stagnate. Where having a cycling or triathlon coach you have the accountability, the planning side is taken out of your hands so you don’t have to think what to do and someone is monitoring your training and keeping you on track for your goals.

Now is the perfect time to think what you are wanting to get from your 2024 season and go get it. If you are interested in bespoke triathlon or cycling coaching get in touch with us at


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