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MBPC Ironman Training Plans

If youve got an ironman coming up, or even are considering a full distance race, then our ironman training plans are the perfect next step in improving your performance, short of moving to our full triathlon coaching packages.


They are ideal for those athletes looking for more structure and direction in their training, but don't feel ready to commit to 1-2-1 coaching - there is no minimum standard for 1-2-1 coaching, however these plans are good for testing out our training methods, and philosophies that underpin our other coaching services. They allow you to keep control of your plan and adjust things to your lifestyle, but with some key sessions that you should try to include in your plan each week, on swim, bike and run, and will help you to improve throughout the 12 weeks leading into that race, or even next training block.


For all three levels of plan, ideally you will be training with heart rate or power (ideally both), and have access to a TT bike, as there are sessions included that are designed to make you more aerodynamic and efficient on the bike. These can be transferred to a road bike but are designed to get you comfy on the race set up so to train these in race position would allow you to get the optimum benefits from these style sets.


The 7-10 hr Ironman plan is  a perfect starting point for those athletes who are just getting into the challenge of Ironman and this plan is designed to help you round your first Full distance Triathlon -  around 2 of sessions of each sport per week, with a longer session that builds throughout the weeks at the weekend. Ideally you can run around 45 mins before starting this plan, and comfortable riding 90 mins at a time.


The 10-12 hrs plan is designed to help you improve your performance over the Full distance - Ideally you will have raced full distance before, or have been around triathlon for a couple of years and have a good base ready to build on. 2-3 sessions a week of each sport, with the weekends building volume, and adding some more intensity and structure towards the second half of the training cycle, and there's  some harder long runs included designed to replicate the back end of a full distance race.


Finally the 10-14hrs plan is for the more experienced athlete and is designed to set you up for a PB. 3 sessions of each sport, and with some intensity within the longer sessions at the weekend. Ideally you'd be comfortable riding 2-3 hrs  and running around 75 mins. The weekends build volume and intensity to build efficiency at race pace, and to be able to get nutrition set for race day, which is a really important factor especially over the longer distances.


Hopefully this gives you a bit more of an idea as to if these plans are right for you, and don't forget that if you feel you need something a bit more suited to your lifestyle and schedule, we also have the custom 12 week plans, and 1-2-1 coaching for those really looking to commit to their best performance.



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