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What Is Our New Introductory Full Triathlon Package And Who Is It For?

We’ve recently launched our new triathlon training plans, and we wanted to answer some common questions we get about our coaching, So hopefully this addresses any concerns or doubts you may have about signing up to MBPC coaching, be that through our new plan, or any other service we provide.


What does our new plan entail?

So the £145 package is designed to be an introductory step or great way to get started with coaching. The primary difference with this plan is the amount of contact with your coach. On this package, your coach would write your plan weekly ( as per all of our 1-2-1 coaching plans) ; however, we would only  check in at the end of each week before writing the following part of the program. - all the sessions and our philosophies are the same, and we would still write the plan bespoke for you!


Whos the plan for?

This programme is best suited to those a bit more experienced in the sport, and who are happy taking a more proactive approach to their plan, as they may need to tweak the plan themselves through the week as issues arise etc., rather than relying on the coach 100 percent of the time. At the other end of the spectrum, I think this is also a great starting point to experience our coaching services at a lower price point, or for those just getting started and aren't sure if they want to jump onto our other 1-2–1 plans.


The decision on if this plan is for you depends on how confident you are with the sport and how you train. If you’re looking for specific race power/pacing plans, or you want to discuss all things kit, or want to leave no stone unturned for your performance, then maybe one of the slightly higher plans maybe best, but if you’re happy to tweak as you go, with the groundwork set out for you, then this is a great starting point!


If you're looking for more contact with a coach then check out the silver and bronze plans, or alternatively if you have an event coming up soon and just want a training structure then take a look at the bespoke 12 week plans, all utilising the same coaching philosophies and methods!


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