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Subscription Strength and Conditioning

Winter Watts Performance Programme

(Home based or gym based)


Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching has teamed up with Hybrid Performance Strength & Conditioning to deliver you a winter performance programme that will supplement your winter bike training.


The programme is designed to build a foundation of strength & power, reduce your risk of injury, correct muscle imbalances and asymmetries, improve movement quality and focus on strength qualities that you are missing from your bike training.


The Strength & Conditioning programme lasts for 6 weeks and is 2 x 45 minute sessions that you can do from home. These sessions are of a low – medium intensity and are best done on medium intensity bike training days.

  It is perfect for anyone who wishes to add a new element to their training and increase their performance to become a better athlete.


You will be provided with access to a PDF of the session plans and a video series of the exercises involved to help guide you through.

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What you can expect!

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