I’ve ridden on and off my entire life and have enjoyed all disciplines but mainly cross country mountain biking and road cycling.


I had a few years out whilst enjoying a bit of motorcycle club racing but got back into it when I needed to get fit again. I also started running and found Duathlons great fun.


However, due to a knee issue my running was limited so I’d forever be towards the back on the first run, smash the bike, make up loads of places and then lose them all again on the second run. When everyone started coming back past me again I knew my running days were over!


Someone suggested trying Time Trialling so off I went for a local club 10 and utterly loved it. Fast forward a few years and I still thoroughly enjoy it. I’m the TT Secretary for a local club Maidenhead & District.


It was shortly after getting into TT’ing that I decided to start training properly, starting with generic monthly plans and DVD’s and then onto monthly coaching.


I’ve worked my way through various coaches and it was certainly an eye opener experiencing the different approaches, not to mention the quality and reliability - good, bad and ugly.


When a ramp test showed a drop in performance, I knew what I suspected and that the coaching I was currently following just wasn’t working. Cue a change needed and where else to go other than the then national champs direction of course!


It was clear from the start that this was different. There was method, not madness, science not guess work. I was in and shortly afterwards a career break from the corporate world of team and project management presented itself. Gareth Pymm (Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching) and I spent the summer training as if I was a full time rider and in doing so learnt an awful lot about myself and training. It was all a great experiment and adds to the skills and experience that can be used in the future with other riders.


When the chance to join the team in a coaching capacity came up I was super excited. This was an amazing opportunity to utilise my various skills and experience with a love and interest in cycling and training.


I’ve trained at silly hours due to work schedules and appreciate the challenges of managing time effectively, the work/life balance, not to mention our enduring partners. I know and appreciate what should work, what doesn’t, and what high quality and service riders expect of their coaches.


I'm a qualified Association of British Cycling Coaches Level 3 Coach. Having been coached myself for a year, I’m fully compliant with the training techniques of Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching. I am coaching riders across all cycling disciplines, distances and abilities. I am also studying with the Ironman University for their Coaching Certification Program.