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Alan Murchison

Alan is a Michelin starred chef with over 25 years of experience in Michelin starred kitchens and has worked in some of the best in the UK. Alan held a Michelin star for over a decade & had 4 AA Rosettes whist executive Chef at L'Ortolan restaurant in Berkshire.

At one point Alan was the first chef outside London to have 3 restaurants all with Michelin star recognition. He spent 5 years working with Raymond Blanc at the world famous Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons and was also Director of The Raymond Blanc Cookery School.

Performance Chef for Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching

Cost: £250 set up then £50 per month.

Offering bespoke nutritional plans that align with the MBPC training plans.

Alan has been coached by Matt for many years and can relate to the sessions that you will be set by your coach.

Under-performing in training or racing essentially comes down to 3 things - being over trained, (impossible if you do what you are told and follow your Training Peaks) being under recovered or under/over fuelled. 2 out of 3 come down to food - you cannot achieve optimal recovery or peak performance in training or racing on poor quality food. 

A good diet won't make a sub-standard cyclist into a world beater, but a poor diet can certainly make a world class or any ambitious cyclist sub-standard. 

However an optimised diet whatever your genetic potential will help you reach your own personal performance ceiling especially when aligned with a personalised coaching plan from Bottrill Performance Coaching.

"It is really important to understand that there is a huge difference between eating well and eating optimally for your training."


I concentrate on the practical application of real-life sports fuelling, no buzz words, no fads, straight talking no nonsense approach to food that is based on experience working with elite cyclists and many ‘normal’ (if there is such a thing) recreational cyclists, this is under-pinned by a culinary knowledge that is second to none.

Our benchmark of whether a meal is suitable for busy cyclists…would your Grandmother recognise the ingredients? can it be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes? and finally are all the ingredients available in a local supermarket?  


Calling on over 25 years of experience cooking in Michelin starred restaurants, in combination with a first-hand knowledge of elite sport from a competitors perspective & working with some of the best cyclists out there, gives Alan a unique position to asses and advise on the nutritional needs of cyclists of all abilities. In 2017 Alan advised both male and female CTT national champions at 10, 25, 50 miles, also male 100 champion and National TTT champions. Performance Chef currently advises in excess of 20 Olympians and many international athletes across a number of sports including cycling, WTS triathlon, Long Distance triathlon, endurance running & rowing.

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