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MBPC Professional Bike Fitting 

*All parts are extra to the bike fit cost

A professional bike fit designed to optimise power and aerodynamics!

Professional Bike Fitting

The MBPC Professional Bike Fit is designed to maximise your potential through fine tuning aerodynamics and power output. 

We do this through using everything we have learned over the enhancement of aerodynamics within cycling and implementing this into your fit, which takes place at our workshop in Coalville, near Leicester. For riders unable to attend our workshop, we are also able to offer an online bike fit or virtual bike fit too.


In addition to coaching you to the right position on the bike we will provide you with specific session that you can do to help hold this position when it comes to racing. This is something that we are very passionate about including in our road bike fitting, due to too many fits not actually being transferable to the road. 

It is important to understand that the level of the sport we compete at requires more extreme position than would be accepted within a shop bike fit environment, so don't settle for 'safe' boundaries as you are likely giving away free speed! Parts needed in the fits will incur additional charges. 

Full range of Endura D2Z Skin-suits to try and test with 10% discount on all orders

Online Bike Fit + 4 Week Aero Training Plan £150 

Virtual Bike Fit Consultation via Skype 

We help you optimise your position with front and side on assessment

Equipment selection advice

Parts can be recommended if needed

4 week aero position training plan in Training Peaks which can be downloaded into other training platforms 

Bronze Bike Fit £225 
Pre fit questionnaire

Custom MBPC aerodynamic fitting techniques

Wind tunnel informed decisions

Full report with photos

Training sessions and equipment info where appropriate

Custom parts (pads/poles etc) fitted in fit where needed (parts are extra to bike fit price)


Bronze Plus Bike Fit £245 (In addition to the above)

 Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping


Silver Bike Fit £295 (in addition to the above)

Sidas Custom Footbeds

MBPC Strength and Conditioning online facility access

Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping 


Gold Bike Fit £450 (in addition to the above) 

You get what is included in the Bronze & Silver package plus a bespoke 12 week training plan for either Cycling or Triathlon. 


Road/Gravel Bike Fit £200

All of our bike fit levels are now available for road bikes too!

We're utilising Retul technology and Matts years of experience to work within certain boundaries on road bike aero fits. Whether you're aiming to break road bike time trial records or smash the bike leg in a duathlon or triathlon there is simply no excuse for not being aero! 

Enquire below using the contact us button to book your session! 


Add a full training review for £150

As part of your professional bike fit you can add a full analysis of your training with one of our coaches at the office after your fit! 

An MBPC coach will go through your training with you, analyse areas for improvement. You will receive a findings and recommendations / considerations report.


For more information take a look at our Training Review Page 


Wind Tunnel Packages


Please contact for availability 

Below you will see the outlines of our bespoke performance packages available at the Silverstone Sportshub, these packages are exclusive to MBPC so please message us below for full details! 

Performance Analysis: Contact



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