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Professional and bespoke cycling coaching from MBPC

The Progress Cycling Coaching Package

Cycling Coaching - £99 pcm

Package for riders of any level looking to improve fitness, any discipline such as Road, Gravel, CX. Riders training for non competitive multi day rides or specific goal/event.

  • Initial Zoom Consultation with designated cycling coach before coaching commences, advice on how to get started/ equipment choices such as RPE/HR/POWER

  • Basic Training Peaks Account Provided

  • Initial fitness test to set training zones

  • Bespoke training sessions to meet your aims and availability

  • One Monthly review and feedback by your coach to check progress and set the month ahead

  • Feedback through Training Peaks only

  • Opportunity to ride in Team Bottrill

The Bronze Cycling Coaching Package

Cycling Coaching - £145pcm

  • Initial Zoom Consultation with designated coach before coaching commences

  • Feedback on 2 key sessions per week

  • Feedback through Training Peaks only

  • Training planned, monitored and feedback through Training Peaks.

  • Basic Training Peaks Account - option to upgrade

  • 2 Plan amendments per week where applicable

  • Opportunity to ride for Team Bottrill

The Silver Cycling Coaching Package

Silver Cycling Coaching - £180pcm

  • Initial Zoom Consultation with designated coach before coaching commences

  • UNLIMITED plan changes when needed

  • UNLIMITED interaction with your coach

  • Contact through phone, text, email and Training Peaks

  • Race/Event Feedback given by your coach after every session

  • Training monitored through Training Peaks

  • Heart rate and/or power based training accepted

  • Opportunity to ride for Team Bottrill

  • Training Peaks Premium account

  • Key race planning using the latest technology

The Gold Package


World class cycling coaching... for everybody!

While MBPC coaches some of the best athletes in the world it is extremely important for us to stress that our cycling coaching methods are designed to work at any level.

The main reason for this is the bespoke nature of what we do, there is no generic plan that works for everybody and this is why our coaches plan your training specific to you, and specific to the events you're training for! 

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All disciplines


Gran Fondo

Road Racing



Time Trial




all abilities



Top Level Amateur

Full Time Athlete

World Class

Our Philosophy

Bespoke, specific, structured and feedback driven coaching is what we firmly believe in.


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