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Choose your topic and let us present!

We develop bespoke presentations that match our bespoke training for your club or team. Simply get in touch to discuss what you need and let us get to work!

Coaching Basics

Coaching, what we expect of our coaches, what you can expect and how to work with your coach

Our most common requirements include general information on how we coach athletes and how coaches can help you achieve your goals through efficient, scientific and structured training.

Training with power

Training tools, TrainingPeaks, Key terminology, Key signs to look for, Under training, Over Training and Understanding power numbers 

In this section we look at all the key influences within training with power and go through an overview of how to use tools that help to track your power based training.


Aero equipment, Clothing, Bikes, Aero testing, What to look for and how to analyse your performance

Within the aerodynamics section we speak about the changes within time trialling and Triathlon around aerodynamics. We discuss the shift towards finding the sweetspot between power and aerodynamics and look at ways of testing this.

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