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The gebioMized SLEAK 145 is a V-shaped flat saddle developed for road and MTB riders who ride with load on the pubic area and wish to have pressure reduction in the perineal region.
The saddle is key to peak performance on the bike. That’s were gebioMized Sleak comes into play. Aiming primarily at cyclists who prefer riding on a rather flat saddle, Sleak quickly made some very powerful friends in the peloton. Available in two shapes for different loading types, it allows riders to choose the saddle best suited for their needs. And although Sleak was developed particularly with the male pelvis anatomy in mind, our experience so far shows that it also suits some female riders with narrow pelvic shapes. Because after all, finding the right saddle is an individual matter that experienced bike fitters worldwide are trained for.

GebioMized SLEAK 145 - Available in 3 Variants

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