In design for more than a year, our new Hyper AERO System has launched! One thing we are proud we do at SLF Motion is listen to our customers...and the Hyper AERO System is a direct result of that! From some of our most elite sponsored Athletes down to emails from customers, one thing became apparent - AERODYNAMICS was on a lot of people's minds. 

Proven to be FAST in its very first public performance, our new Hyper AERO System finished 7th Overall at KONA 2019 at the helm of Braden Currie. A combination of 3D printing and CNC machining have come together to create our new Hyper AERO Systems. "Made in the USA" aerospace grade carbon fiber and 3D printed parts, CNC machined 14-Tooth/18-Tooth anodized pulley wheels, and coated hybrid ceramic bearings all combine to provide the lowest friction possible, class leading aerodynamics, and durability that's unmatched.

SLF Hyper Aero