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I first bought a road bike around 10 years ago as a way to keep fit after stopping amateur boxing. Two weeks and around 100 miles later I entered my first 10 mile time trial. I was hooked.
In the years that followed I made good improvements, worked with several coaches and started working with a powermeter in 2010.

At the end of a frustrating 2013 season I started working with Matt Bottrill, we  both have a young family and limited time and gelled immediately. Over the next 2 years the results were nothing short of amazing and as my personal best times plummeted into the 18 minutes for 10 miles, 47 minutes for 25 miles, I rode a 50 mile TT at over 30mph and a 100miles at 28mph! I have won nearly 40 open races. I even managed to pick up a few national medals and British records along the way. All way beyond my original expectations when I started.

This has given me a hunger to increase my knowledge of training methods and effects and share my experience from 14 seasons racing with the aim to help others achieve their goals and ambitions, regardless of limited time and busy lives, and maybe save a few people from a few of the mistakes along the way
To this end I completed my training with the Association of British Cycling Coaches to become a qualified coach in 2015

I currently work in Lithographic printing in which I have a B-Tec national and City in Guilds

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