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Dave Clarke

Name: Dave Clarke

Business: Hybrid Performance Strength & Conditioning

Job Title: Director, Performance Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach


My name is Dave Clarke and I am the company Director of Hybrid Performance Strength & Conditioning.

I have been working within the sport, health and fitness industry for 15 years. With my first job being in a local gym, then I worked in a secondary school as a sports science technician and multi sports coach and now as a business owner with Hybrid Performance Strength & Conditioning.


I started Hybrid Performance S&C in July 2014 and have had some amazing opportunities during the last 4 ½ years to work with some incredible people and companies, from professional athletes, governing bodies and the general population who want a performance lifestyle.


Soon after starting the business, I started a high performance mentorship with Strength & Conditioning Education and its founder Brendan Chaplin. I spent a year and a half being taught by some of the best coaches from British Weightlifting, GB Athletics, English Institute of Sport, Olympians and Paralympians and other world-class S&C coaches.


I am currently qualifying as an EXOS Performance Specialist. EXOS is a human performance company that helps people reach higher and achieve more.  They do consultations for individuals, teams and oragnisations, performance capability assessments, research & analytics, fitness & wellness, human and sports performance training, tactical performance, physical therapy and nutrition. I am learning the underpinning knowledge of their systems, programming and way of coaching so that I can deliver a world-class product and service, such as they do.


Hybrid Performance S&C’s core principles are to upgrade your knowledge on how to ‘Live The Athlete Life’.

Using our 4 pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery I am here to help you be a better athlete, reduce your risk of injury and give you a winning mentality to take into each day, training session and competition.


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Instagram – Hybrid_SC

Twitter - @Hybrid_SC

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