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Donna Mitchell

I've known Matt my whole life as I'm his younger sister! We've always been a close family and for years Mum and Dad would bundle Mark (our younger brother) and me into the car to follow Matt around the country watching him compete. This often included grandparents and many a picnic has been had at the side of the road waiting for a glimpse of Matt and the opportunity to shout wildly as he flew past. There were highs and lows but all of Matt's failures only made him even more determined.


As for myself, I am married to Billy and we have a cheeky little boy who's 3 years old. I have dealt with finance since leaving school and I have been involved with Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching from the very beginning. I am in charge of accounts, social media, keeping the riders informed of the latest offers and many other things! I basically give Matt the business support he needs so he can concentrate on what he does best - coaching and competing!

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