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Featuring an all-new 50mm aero rim profile and next-generation R3-C aero hubs, the Cadex 50 Ultra Disc wheel offers superior aerodynamic performance and stability, as well as control in all conditions. The innovative Carbon Super Aero spokes improve efficiency and minimize weight, while the ceramic bearings reduce power loss by up to 30%. The increased internal width of 22.4mm, in combination with the hookless design are optimized for large volume tires. This ensures increased sidewall support and the ability to run lower tire pressures for better grip as well as a more comfortable road feel.


Highlights of the Cadex 50 Ultra wheel

wind tunnel proven rim profile, Super Aero Carbon spokes and R3-C40 hubs for maximum aerodynamic benefits

Dynamic Balanced Lacing Technology for a stiffer, more efficient wheel with excellent power transmission

Lay-Up technology places Carbon fibers only where they are needed, ensuring a strong, stiff rim structure

hookless design for perfect tubeless operation

optimal for large volume road tires

22,4mm rim inner width leads to larger contact patch of the tire, better grip and smoother handling

precision machined CADEX R3-C40 hub with smooth running ceramic bearings for super low friction

toothed disc freewheel for maximum power transmission

Center Lock brake disc mount


Technical details of the Cadex 50 Ultra wheels

range of use: Road Bike

material: Carbon

axle standard: 12 mm x 142 mm

outer rim width: 30 mm

inside rim width: 22.4 mm

rim height: 50 mm

super Aero Carbon Spokes

spoke count: 24

nipple: aluminum

hub: Cadex R3-C40 Aero hub

40T pulley freewheel

Cadex ceramic bearing

Center Lock


weight: approx. 754 g (manufacturer's specification)

CADEX 50 Ultra Disc Rear Wheel - 28" | Carbon | Hookless | Center Lock - 12x142m

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