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High Rise 3D extensions are our answer to those looking to achieve a true high-hands position, providing 100 mm of height gain, when using Deep Groove cups and Arm Cup Wedges.

With a 3D bend profile featuring a 30-degree grip angle, High Rise 3D extensions provide both optimal height gain and hand placement, while maximising adjustment range. **GRIPS SOLD SEPARATELY **

Deep Groove Arm Cups

Raised both medially and laterally, with depth that provides unrivaled security from lateral movement, our Deep Groove arm cups maximise forearm support. The length of the cup further improves the contact patch at the forearm, achieving our goals of position stability.

With a large adjustment range, our Deep Groove arm cups facilitate the optimisation process by allowing you to achieve a range of positions, quickly and efficiently during fitting. Deep Groove arm cups work seamlessly with our arm cup wedges as part the P 0.2 ecosystem.

TT Arm cups wedges Mk5

Arm cup wedges are our answer to those looking to maximise the comfort and aero gains that come from the high-hands time trial position.Wedging increase the contact patch at the arm cup, matching the forearm angle when a high-hands time trial position is used.

Ride Sync Ergonomics Poles, Pads and Shims

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