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How To Transport Tubeless Tyres!

The prospect of transporting tubeless tyres to many athletes is quite daunting, however our simple 'how to' process below will guide you through the step you will need to take!

Firstly, here a few key things to remember!

Tubeless tyres have no inner tubes, and contain a tubeless sealant that seals up any holes when you have a puncture! Now obviously, the tyre bead has to be very tight on the rim to ensure no sealant leaks and you tyre holds pressure even over rough terrain.

So how should you go about taking tubeless tyres abroad?

Our best advice it to make sure you don’t let ALL of the pressure out of the tyre. If you let all of the pressure out then you risk the tyre losing the seal with the rim and the sealant leaking out all over your bike box!

Now one thing to bear in mind is that airlines still ask you to deflate your tyres, however as long as you don’t leave 100psi in them, you should have no issues at all. So when asked, always say that you have deflated them!

Now in the unfortunate circumstance that you do let too much pressure out and risk the sealant leaking inside your bike box always be prepared! In this scenario always take spare bottled sealant with you, to ensure that at the other end you can top up the sealant and be ready to go! In this instance it will depend on your tyres as to whether you need a compressor at a bike shop to get the tyres to seal again, or if they are already tight then you will be able to use a standard track pump to get back up to your desired pressure!

If all else fails, take an inner tube as a spare!

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