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Matt Bottrill and 2019!

I’m writing this on my way to a training camp in Lanzarote to get some quality miles in and offer support and guidance on route with some of the athletes I coach.

Lucy Charles, Reece Barclay , Will Clarke and Tim Don are all out here and I can’t wait to get some miles in with them. The season is not far away now so it will be good adding a bit of structure and work on building confidence for the season ahead. I can do loads behind the scenes with them but there is nothing better then getting out on the open road and putting it into practice.

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been gradually making more time to ride the TT bike. The back pain and sciatica I had has gradually gone away and I’m starting to feel more like my old self. Well a lot less power these days but that’s kind of to be expected! But the biggest element for me is I’m loving riding. We have a great environment around us with regular rides on a Wednesdays and Saturdays with Tim Don and Will Clarke, this has really helped and kept me motivated to train. Also smashing out some great sessions on zwift to get me in the zone. Why don’t you try this session I've been getting stuck in to?

15 mins warm up @ L1-L2 with cadence ~100 RPM --- 2 sets 5mins- 70%( top of L2) of FTP -cad 80-90 5mins-80%( L3) of FTP -cadence-70-80 5mins-90% (sweetspot)-cadence 60-70 5mins-100%-FTP- cadence to suit 10mins- L2 high cadence recovery between sets --- 15 mins cool down @ L1-L2 with cadence ~100 RPM

But yes I’m keen for this season. I don’t plan to race loads, probably around 15 times. But I’m keen to enjoy it and of course perform. I put so much energy in to the people I work with I'm realistic about what I can achieve but I’m keen to see where I can get to. Who knows I might even enjoy the suffering.

I’ve made some tweaks to the bike and recently went to the Boardman Performance Centre making some significant gains in the process which I’m now implementing on the bike. But we’re also really looking forward to working in collaboration with the centre to offer the next level in performance services. Look out for further details about 2019 in the coming months . But this will be another step up in the services we offer. Any body that knows me will know the drive I have to succeed so we can’t wait to bring our athletes performance to another step.

The season for me like last year will kick off with the Eddie Soens, then I plan on spending the next 6 weeks doing road races. Before our MBPC training camp. It’s a great few weeks where we share our experience as cycling coaches (and triathlon coaches) with athletes and also get some great training in. More details about the training camp in April can be found by email

Moving on from this we will then be at the Tour of Cambridge. It’s one event I just love and can’t wait to ride again. It’s always a great few days for MBPC and we plan on having our stand there again.

Final part of the season will be the grand Fondo worlds in Poland for myself. But let’s see what the body can take first.

It’s going to be an epic year for our athletes this season. I’m so excited to see where we can takes there performances to. Over the winter months behind the scenes we’ve been working on all types of new session ideas to bring their performance to the next level. So I hope to see you out on the road.


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