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When things go wrong!!!

With the UK weather playing mayhem with athletes goal races it can be really hard to keep that focus and to even want to carry on training. Once that adrenaline stops the first reaction is to always feel really down and depressed. You forget how far you have come and the processes you have been through to get to this point.

Don't lose sight of the progress you have made! The the key is to reestablish a base line then proceed and set a new goal so have a new focus and structure. It can be hard if it's a goal like an ironman as it could be months before you can enter another one. That is when a structured training programme or having cycling or triathlon coaching can come into play. You can bounce ideas off each other and can set some new targets or goals.

If its a shorter distance like a TT, Road Race or Triathlon then the same rules apply. Its worth always trying to realign yourself and try and aim to carry on with your training.

It seems to be happening more each year with the weather so its always good to have a back up plan.

I had a similar problem this weekend with the weather being so bad I could not race so decided to carry on with my training and hit a really hard training session to keep my fitness. Give this a try. its a great session to replicate a race simulation.

15mins 30sec-mircoburst with 15 mins- FTP effort 20mins L2 high cadence warm up --- 15mins L3 with -30secs mircoburst every 4 mins --- 10mins recovery between efforts-@L2 cadence 90-100 --- *15mins @FTP/THRESHOLD or the best power you can hold --- 11:30 mins-L2- High cadence recovery

MIRCOBURST - full gas effort no control of power either standing or seated which ever give the best numbers --- Threshold- try and hold threshold power for the duration of the effort. Don't start too fast! Once the power starts to drop off hold the best power possible for the duration of the effort. Make them last few minute's count!


1- Reevaluate your goals and create some new ones.

2- Don't forget how far you have come- Make a list of all the positives that have happened since you started the process

3- Carry on training, you can still get one above your rivals if you hit a specific session.

4- Keep the mind strong- With a strong mind you are more likely to push yourself at key stages in your career.

5- Don't quit - Any sport is a roller coaster of a ride. But listen, learn, apply and you will reach success !!

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