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I had two fantastic days in the Boardman wind tunnel this January where we helped some of our top athletes get their CdAs down to… well, that would be giving the game away, wouldn’t it? Let’s just say we’ve made some very significant gains with them and I am really excited to to see how fast they’ll go this season. But it’s not just about our top athletes: Chris Boardman’s vision for the Boardman Performance Centre was to offer all cyclists the chance to understand and improve their own performance and that’s why we’re offering a range of MBPC wind tunnel packages that we’ve designed especially for anyone who wants to go faster and smash that PB in 2020.

What’s on offer?

We’ve been working with Boardman since the centre opened in 2018. At the heart of the 18,000 square foot facility just outside Evesham is the UK’s first cycling-specific wind tunnel – but that’s only one part of it. There’s a state-of-the-art physiology suite where we can assess your current state of health, fitness and function, delve deeper into your body composition, fuel utilisation and gross efficiency.

On the biomechanical side we can test and improve your pedalling effectiveness using the Wattbike PES system, we can fit you on your bike more accurately than ever before using 3D motion analysis – and of course we can do a pre-wind tunnel aero fit if that’s what you’re looking for.

Our range of MBPC packages at the Boardman Performance Centre allows you to take advantage of some or all of these services, guided by our own knowledge, expertise and experience.

What are the packages?

* The Specialist Wind Tunnel package takes 2.5 hours and includes approximately 135 minutes of wind tunnel testing. Here we’ll make equipment and positional changes to suit your body and the events you’re riding and you’ll get a post-tunnel test report afterwards.

* The Aero Optimisation package includes an aero bike fit prior to the wind tunnel session. Pedalling efficiency, force, biomechanics and aerodynamics are all looked it within this fit. Projections and plans are made for the wind tunnel session of 135 minutes, which follows on the same day. You’ll get a full report from both elements of the package afterwards, equipment and positional changes to suit your body and your events and a consultation with your coach.

* The Complete Performance package includes a physiology profile in which we look at your pedalling effectiveness/cadence, gross efficiency, fuel utilisation and body composition. A general health screening is included. A submaximal incremental test

follows, which establishes your lactate and anaerobic thresholds (LT1 and LT2). As with the Aero Optimisation package, the aero fit comes before the 135-minute wind tunnel session on the same day, and you’ll get a full report from both elements of the package afterwards, equipment and positional changes to suit your body and your events and a consultation with your cycling coach.

* The Pro Performance Plan is the ultimate package: the physiology profiling goes further than in the Complete Performance package; there’s an aerodynamic bike fit prior to wind tunnel testing and an Aerofocus initial package which includes 75 minutes’ tunnel time post aero fit. Pro Performance Management from the Boardman Performance Centre experts includes event profiling, a yearly review and more, and involves an ongoing relationship with the BPC that supplies top-level expertise and knowledge for you to apply to your own racing and training. Key areas for you personally will be discussed with Matt Bottrill upon signing up, resulting in a 20-point plan.

What do I need to do?

* Make sure your gears are stripped out of your bike so that we can change poles and pads quickly and you get the most out of your time.

* Arrive with your kit under clothes to save time and enable more tunnel tests.

* For the physiological testing packages be fresh so that you are able to reach your peak in the tests.

How much do they cost?

Get in touch about any of the Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching wind tunnel packages at the Boardman Performance Centre via the ‘Contact Us’ button and a member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through options.

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