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How Does Remote Triathlon & Cycling Coaching Work?

We get lots of questions about how our online triathlon coaching packages work, and who it is for.

So initially we have a chat to discuss your background in the sport, and background in training in general. This helps us as coaches get an idea as to what state your training is at, and where we can bring the biggest improvements. We then go on to discuss your upcoming goals and the structure of your average week. Think how much time you have available, which days work best for a swim, and any group sessions that you want to include into the weekly training. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but gives you an idea as to when we dig into setting the plan, so that it fits straight into your daily lifestyle.

From there we start to set your training, week by week, so that we can see how you adjust to the plan that we've come up with, and so that we can make changes as we need to.

All the run and bike sessions are set on Training Peaks so will link directly to your Garmin or similar, if you wish, but we can set the sessions by heart rate, power or perceived exertion, so please don't let the fact you're missing a power metre for example, make you think this training isn't appropriate for you.

Obviously depending on how close your events are coming, and what the goals are for those events will dictate what we focus on, and incorporating your history in the different sports. We communicate regularly via training peaks, chatting about the details of each session, and then have more generic conversations regarding training in general as and when we feel its required.

Most of all, out training focuses on building the engine around the periods when we are further away from racing, and then as we move closer to race day, we look at the race specifics and race conditioning, as well as covering the smaller parts, such as nutrition, transition, and will even chat through kit choices and pacing for race day.

After each race we then look at training, maybe discuss any changes we need to make, and how to improve the training before the next goal. Lives change, and so do our schedules, and as such training has to change with it, but with regular training and communication we make the sessions as time efficient as possible for your current circumstances.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, our Triathlon and Cycling coaching works the same. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete your training is bespoke to you and your goals.

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