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Matt Bottrill - Why Get A Cycling / Triathlon Coach?

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a coach that’s been there to support me over the year.

Even to this day I have somebody that takes the stress away from my day to thinking of training and analysing data. I love the team effort that it brings and gives me the drive each day to train. I’m not going to lie I’m a very driven person but having a coach gives me a reason to want to push and hurt myself.

A lot of athletes reading this might find it strange that I’m coached by somebody else? Currently Simon Beldon MBPC cycling coach and Erin Carceen from EC fit for strength and conditioning and mobility. Along with on going physio and rehabilitation from Julie Hayton (Function Jigsaw)

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of best coaches in the business. 12 years under Bob Tobin , cycle power meters not only for my own cycling path but also projects like sub 7 with Olav Bu. Julie Dibens for our pro athletes.

The reason for this is you can always get more out of athletes working in a team environment. This was the whole concept of setting up MBPC to work with like minded coaches. To optimise every aspect of your training for Swim,Bike, Run.  Looking at Nutrition, Aerodynamics , Strength and Conditioning.

If there’s a problem or ideas to discuss we know we have the correct team around us to optimise the athlete.

So, the question is why get a coach?

1- Working together you can optimise your training around your goals , aspirations and targets .

2. Once you have set targets the coach will be able to periodise the training around your availability and goals.

3. The key with any training programme is optimising around your targets. Should things crop up like illness , day to day stresses in life a good coach will adapt this on a daily basis.

4. The foundation of any training programme is the feedback from the athlete so the coach understands where the athlete is at. The coach can analyse the feedback and also understand how that’s looking around the data.

5. Data analysis is so important, not just the daily training. Here at MBPC we use Training Peaks, WKO and the feedback from yourself. We can also use trends in HRV . Power to heart rate, aerodynamics.

6. There’s always so much talk about training phases. Is it L2 training , pyramid training, periodise in training, sweetspot, threshold training, vo2 max , toque !!! The list goes on . The key is training for the demands of the events around your own personal power profile and the time you have to train.

7. Don’t get caught in the trap of listening to others. The key with training is to train for your specific events and stick to your targets. If problems arise you can work around them with your coach.

8, Working with a good coach is also about optimising speed, pace & aerodynamics . Optimising around the events and targets you have.

9. With a structured training plan and pacing, along with optimising nutrition and sleep. You will achieve your goals. Writing a plan is easy it’s the feedback and communication that are key.

10. Team work makes the dream work. If you have accountability and work towards your goals anything can be achieved. So what are you waiting for it’s time to get out there and smash it up!

If you want to know more about our coaching services . Check out

Failure is not an option !!!


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