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Top 5 Tips For Consistent Training

After the off season I’m now back into full training and enjoying life back on the bike .

I always find after a season of racing it’s a great time to take some time out, reevaluate on what you have achieved over the year and reassess where your strength and weaknesses are. Then moving forward what you wish to get out of the following season.

The key points to improve training, 

1 : Time

The biggest area that athletes struggle with is time. Most athletes are chasing the clock with family and work and just have an hour to train and then maximise the time at the weekends. What I’ve found works best is try and be consistent and where possible try and set a time your going to train rather than being sporadic.

2 : Consistency

Everybody’s always asking what is the best training method? Well the top one is consistency! The more consistent you are the better the results will be. 

3 Training Methods

What is the the best training method? From my own experience it’s the variety in training that gives the biggest results. You can’t do everything all at once. So have a specific plan working on your strengths and weaknesses, this is the best way to make the most gains. That’s when working with a cycling coach can really benefit. 

4. Goals

Training is all about having goals and working towards them. This can be weight loss, climbing a hill, winning your first race, National title, World Champs, Olympics. I always work on 3 specific goals each season and then will have specific goals I want to work toward in the future.

5 Sleep and Eat

In my opinion sleeping and eating go hand in hand.

Fuel like a champion, with consistent fuelling throughout the day. Fuel your training and recover and that will bring more consistent training.

Finally sleep, Try and be consistent with timing put your electrical devices away an hour before bed and when you can try and get between 6-8 hrs a night. Some athletes might need more. So find out what works best for you. 

The main message is building consistency into your daily routine and training will get you the best results.

Picture credit Two26photography


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