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Why is my power on the TT bike weaker than my Road?

This is a question I get asked a lot in my bike fits. There isn’t just one reason, it is usually a combination of a few.

Here are the key points you need to look into when you’re struggling to get the power out on the TT bike compared to the Road,

1)If Your glutes, quads and hamstrings are not activated you won’t be used to generating the power in the position. So doing more work on the TT and specific exercises will help.

2) You rotate your pelvis more which restricts your hip angle. This is when crank length plays a key part.

3) Being on the Tri bars for some people can restrict breathing which can reduce power output.

4) Saddle set back and height is different on either bike so if trying to set it the same it won’t be right. Each bike is different so won’t mirror each other.

5) Not having the optimal bike fit, if you’ve just chased aero and you’ve not addressed biomechanics you’re always trying to close that window between power and aero.

Once in a right bike fit position it’s all about training in the position doing specific drills to  over come this problem.

This is when a good bike fit comes into play to really optimise your position, not just for aerodynamics but for comfort and sustainability. As getting the balance right between the three is when it all comes together and you get the results you’re striving for on the TT/ Tri bike.

Here at MBPC we offer 4 Bike Fit packages starting from a virtual bike fit all the way up to Gold where you also get a 12 week tailored cycling training plan to go away with to really help you train in the position and smash your goals. To check out our packages go to our website.


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