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Matt's reaction to the Endura Aeroswitch Helmet

I've been testing the Endura Aeroswitch helmet for just over a year now. It is great to see the helmet being an available product now. Endura and Drag2Zero launched their game-changing Endura D2Z Aero collection to the public developed by the Scottish cycle wear experts in cooperation with leading aerodynamicist Simon Smart of Drag2Zero at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 wind tunnel in Brackley, Northamptonshire.

I've been fortunate to have tested some of the best helmets out there and was always a big fan, and still am, of the bell javelin but vision was always slightly impaired when you dropped your head to get into the full shoulder scrunch and still see up the road. Helmets like the Kask bambino offer better visibility but there was always a compromise with aero shape and positioning. But with the Aeroswitch you can see for miles, as the visor sits higher then the head line. Also the visor uses magnets to hold it in place which makes it easy to attach and remove. But the best feature is how I've had no problems with the visor steaming! The amount of triathlons and Time trials I've done when I've had to discard of the visor because of it steaming up I can't even remember! But so far I can report no problems!

The other key feature is the helmet changes from TT to a standard road helmet. Within a few seconds you just pull off the covering and before you know it you have an aero road helmet.

But while helmets for positional changes are quite individual within our own fitting and testing we've had some amazing results and it is becoming a firm favourite for our professional bike fitting. The other key element is the ventilation, the helmet was designed around keeping the vents open to increase airflow and optimise aerodynamics and reduce that aerodynamic drag.

If you would like to try the helmet and full range of Endura SST clothing, all of our performance bike fits include the option to try on the helmet and clothing range.

Definitely a product worth testing for 2019!

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