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Matt's week in training!

With last weeks race cancelled due to the gale force winds and torrential rain I thought I would give you some insight into the training I've been doing and the some of the types of workouts we use to enable our athletes to reach their goals.

Training is such an individual process and I’m a big believer in training to look at the whole picture rather than just the focus of the training.

What I mean by this is its a matter of looking at each plan individually so an athlete might be struggling with holding a position, or have an injury or imbalance.They tactically might not be aware or it could be their struggling on bike on their skills.

I have a lot of my own problems so a big part for me has been keeping on top of my strength and mobility so going to the gym twice a week has become an integral part of getting me stronger and keeping on top of the imbalances I have with my back.

There are so many ways of getting fit and so many sessions you can use, I’ve found the key to success is looking at each rider individually. Power profiling, looking how they adapt to training, mentally what they can take and also looking at all the elements including bike set up (following a professional bike fitting), and also if they have more than one discipline to train for, how each session effects the overall plan.

This is when our bespoke training programs come into play and have the support of an individual cycling or triathlon coach that you can work with to get the most out of you but also that gives you the accountability you need.

My week in training:

Monday -

7am 1hr gym- (Strength and mobility) take a look at our online plan

Tuesday- Total 1hr

10mins- L1-L2 -4x3mins @L5 - low cadence around 80 with 5 mins L2 recovery - 8 mins FTP - Cadence to suit- (Try and hold best aero position for the full duration )

10min high cadence recovery

Wednesday - Total for 1hrs 50mins

20 mins warm up L2 - high cadence---1 x (35MINS IN TOTAL)- 20SECS L5 -40 SECS @L1-L2 -cadence to suit best power output

with 10mins L2- High cadence recovery-

30mins 90% of FTP (sweetspot ) -

10 mins high cadence Cool down L1-L2 cool down

Thursday- 7am gym 1hr

8am- Wattbike 30mins

10mins -Easy L2 with 15 @90% of Ftp- 5mins cool down

Friday- 90mins Time trail bike

90mins level 2 - don't control the power too much. Let it rise on the hills and fall on the descents just keep the average in Level 2

Saturday -2hrs Road bike

45 mins warm up @L2-- 30 @ L2-But every 4:30 -microburst interval of 30secs ( MAXIMAL EFFORT OUT OF THE SADDLE ---15 mins- Active recovery cool down

Sunday-3hrs road bike

3hrs L2 dont control the power too much. Let it rise on the hills and fall on the decent's just keep the average in Level 2 but include 10x10sec maximal sprints within the ride

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