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How To Decide Which Bike Fit Package To Go For?

The most frequently asked question when it comes to the MBPC professional bike fitting packages is, whats the difference between the bronze and silver?


The Bronze bike fit covers all the aerodynamic side of the fit looking at you off the bike firstly looking at your flexibility etc Then getting you into the most comfortable aero position for you. Adapting the bike using custom made aero parts where needed and offering advise on equipment selection such as helmets and tyres etc. You get before and after pictures as well as a report from the fit.


The Silver bike fit takes it to the next level, where we use the Gebiomize Saddle pressure mapping system and the Sidas custom made Insoles. So for people who suffer with saddle discomfort, lower back and knee issues this is the package for you! The amount of people who come to us who have tried many types of saddles and positions but are still uncomfortable, then have the pressure mapping done and we are able to relieve that pain for them is brilliant! The pressure mapping is part of a bike fit package rather than a stand alone service as from the results of the pressure mapping we then need to look at saddle height, position and cleat alignment all of the above helps solve the issues in this area.

Then moving onto the custom insoles, these make the foot fully supported as they are moulded to your foot shape and size. This helps with power transfer and people who suffer with knee niggles as the foot is fully supported and comfortable. Plus you

get everything which is included in the bronze fit. An all encompassing package.


Matt does all the MBPC fitting, we work with people who have never had a fit before on their first Triathlon TT bike to people who are many fits down the line fine tuning their position finding them extra gains. To book your fit (available both in-person and remotely as a virtual bike fit) get in touch with us at MBPC


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