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MBPC Now Stocking JCobb Saddles

Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching are thrilled to become one of the first stockists of Jcob saddles in the UK.

Since 1972, John Cobb’s innovations to improve comfort and speed have been at the forefront of cycling technology. In Jcob’s words, their company “is not a vast marketing entity” but instead, prides itself in striving to understand the problems individuals have relating to comfort and inefficiencies whilst cycling. They aim to tackle these problems head on through research, poise and tenacity.

We are proud to stock 4 different types of Jcob saddles, each with a different type of rider in mind:

The Jcob Type 5 Saddle – A redesign of the classic for the serious rider with a forward geometry bike. Its design lends itself to being ridden on the 55mm nose of the saddle which opens your hip angle allowing you to produce more power. The Type 5 comes with a 105mm seat rail which offers an industry leading range of adjustment.

The Jcob Delta 38 Saddle – After listening to feedback, Jcob released this saddle to answer a lot of prayers. The nose of the saddle is 38mm with a flat and smooth outside which allows your legs to effortlessly glide over it without any interference. The narrow nose flows out to the wider rear allowing many different seating placements to suit your position. The variety this saddle offers makes it a more universal saddle that spans different disciplines from road racing to time trials to triathlons.

The Jcob Delta M Saddle – This is a re-design which is often called the “problem solver”. The deep wide relief channel was designed for men and has been proven to work. Over the years It has also been found to work well for many women, aiding soft tissue comfort. The narrow rear leading to the flared-out nose also allows many different seating placements to suit your position whether you are using standard road bars or more aggressive aero bars. The Relief channel also allows lower more aggressive positions to be sustained without crushing your parts.

The Jcob Delta P Saddle – This is a comprehensive re-design of an all-time favourite which will help you put in the long miles on the bike. The design includes a cut down nose section for male comfort and a narrow 130mm rear which solves upper hamstring interference issues and chaffing, especially in the larger riders. Many women also find this design more comfortable than the trendy short nose saddle design as the cut-out offers more relief.

*All saddles are compatible with the Jcob rear hydration Mount.

Head over to the website shop to make your purchase.


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