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Triathlon in the City #TeamBottrillWomen

Coached and team rider Parris Williams gives us an insight into how she combines triathlon training with City life for a modern Millenial,

My friends always ask me how do I do it? How I can get up and train early mornings or up before 11 on a weekend and go for a 4 hour ride but then still manage to go to a party and meet for drinks after. This is how I ‘attempt’ to do it:

Get real!

It took a while but I soon realised after I started being coached by Gareth Pymm MBPC, I could not continue a high training load and multiple late nights (I am not wonder woman). I had to get real and cut down on the late nights. Don’t get me wrong I still love a cocktail or a glass of wine. I just drink less now and if I know I’ve got a 2/3 hour ride with 40min sweetspot session on the Saturday I’ll just have one Aperol Sprits and leave the festivities early. After all when the Party’s in full swing and everyone’s several dinks in, who can remember who was there at the ‘foggy’ conclusion of an all night Shindig.


I’m naturally a very ‘sleepy bear’ and so bad at getting up and training in the morning! If I plan to meet a friend then I am compelled to turn up, who wants to be the flaky friend? Arranging to meet Emma for a 6.30 swim is a sure way to make sure that I avoid the snooze button when the alarm goes off on Friday morning. Also I am lucky enough to have found a boyfriend that competes in triathlon (our first date was a swim at Tooting lido in our wetsuits) and arranging a 3 or 4 hour ride together is our equivalent of ‘date night’, who said romance is dead? Also having a flat mate who has the ability to sleep through the annoying hum of the Turbo on a Sunday Morning is priceless, she is so understanding, love ya Nina J

Richmond Park!

Thank goodness for Richmond Park. This is my go to riding spot in London, pretty much car free if you go early enough. It takes me about 40mins to ride to the park and after about 3 laps and a ride home it’s a good 2/3 hour ride out. FYI it’s a big park and approx. 11 km a lap, a great spot to get a decent ride in and the coffee at the cafe is pretty good too.

My Turbo!

Sorry to all the Team Bottrill #saynototheturbo. But for me my turbo is my saviour. Where I live it’s pretty much impossible to get a decent short traffic free ride out. A return trip to the Park takes 1 hr 20 and while negotiating all the ‘considerate’ traffic that we enjoy in the Capital makes it impossible to keep to the Watts prescribed in Gareth’s training plan (does TP stand for Torture Palace??). All my midweek bike sessions are on the turbo even in the summer, yes it’s hard and yes it’s hot but it’s the best ‘bang for your buck’ for the ‘time poor’ Triathlete.


I am lucky enough to live and work near some beautiful parks. If I know I’ve got a long run I will plan a route through Brockwell Park and Dulwich Park, the transit to and from can be frustrating but I usually use this element as the ‘warm up’ and start the session once I’m not so restricted by traffic lights and pedestrians. Another jewel in the City Triathletes’ training armoury is Battersea Park which is close to where I work and being fully lit means I can do midweek interval sessions largely undisturbed by the hubbub of City life.

I hope this has given you an insight into how I try to manage the demands of a time consuming training schedule and living ‘life in the City’. I’m having a ball and with the help of the triathlon coaches at Matt Bottrill performance coaching am learning how to balance the demands and improving year on year.

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