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Whilst you're stuck at home and (especially if you have young children!) potentially in a more stressful situation it's going to be easy to let the nutrition slip and indulge in some serious comfort eating. We're here to say, do it! Just not all the time! Here are a few tips on how to eat healthily, fuel workouts keep the pounds off.

Plan meals in advance

When trying to eat healthily it’s crucial to plan ahead. Supermarket time is limited so go prepared with a list of everything you will need for the meals you've planned.

Three nutrients that you should definitely include to support your immune system are vitamin A found in sweet potato and spinach, vitamin C found in berries & tomatoes and zinc found in meat, shellfish, dairy and bread.

Healthy snacks

Keeping healthy and nutritious snacks in your cupboards and fridge will help you avoid heading straight for the biscuit tin at the slightest hunger pang or just out of general boredom!

Prepare your snacks around Protein and Produce

Pairing a piece of protein with a piece of produce is almost always going to be a healthy combination.

Carrot & celery sticks with humous is one of my favourites, but other options could be things like nuts, berries, natural yoghurt, grapes and cheese.

Structure your day

Consider when you're going to train and the length and intensity of it and fuel accordingly. It could be that with current restrictions your training load is reduced so you may need to reduce your fuelling accordingly. Plan some snack times into your day to help you control the amount of snacks you have.

Indulge once in a while!

Last but not least - I mentioned it earlier but it's worth repeating. My advice for any eating plan is to not try and go 100%, it's just not sustainable for most people. If you want a treat now and again, some chocolate or a pizza for tea then go for it, just be realistic and aim to be good 80-90% of the time .

Good luck and stay safe.

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