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Matt's road to Kona!

I’m just about to embark on a three week adventure to support the professional athletes I support with triathlon coaching. A lot has happened in the course of the last few years but I’m more motivated then ever to keep pushing myself to be the best I can be. The ambition is to become a world class cycling coach and ultimately make a world champion triathlete. Working along side some of the best triathletes in the sport, including Lucy Charles, Susie Cheetham, Tim Don, Matt Hanson and Will Clarke.

It’s a process I love. Providing their training for the cycling element and looking at all the marginal gains possible from training to bike set up, but most importantly trying to get the synergy of the programme working with other world class coaches to give them the support they need. It’s the same process I had to go through to get to the top of the UK cycling scene. It’s a process I love trying to be the best I can but ultimately not letting anybody fail.

At one point this season I never thought I’d be taking a bike on this trip with me. The thought of doing long endurance rides was not even on the cards and I was fully prepared to just be watching from the sidelines. But with loads of rehabilitation, physio and having a great support network around me I'm 90% pain free with my back and leg injury. I even managed to complete a triathlon bike leg on my TT bike with no numbness or shooting pains. So with loads more work in the gym and making changes over the course of this winter I fully expect to be back in 2019 trying to smash it up again, with a clear goal of trying to enjoy the sport and hopefully getting a few wins along the way.

Look out for the blogs and social media posts of behind the scenes in Boulder and Kona! On instagram @bottrillmatthew and Twitter @bottrillMatthew

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