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Welcoming George Fox to the MBPC Coaching Team

We're really pleased to be adding George Fox to our cycling coaching team. We spoke to George about his journey with MBPC so far.

"I went to MBPC in the hope of upping the level of riding I was at in October 2015, I wanted to make a big step up for 2016 with a new local team and was ready for the increase in hours that this would entail. The first thing Matt said to me was that we’d be halving the amount of hours that I was riding and likely having 2 rest days a week, immediately I was questioning how on earth that would work. 6 Months later I was smashing numbers that I had only dreamt of, 12 months on from that I was doing 18.12 on the V718 to win the Good Friday 10 beating riders I had previously been nowhere close to.

My whole experience being coached by Matt has been amazing. Feedback every day, analysis of every ride, motivation and telling offs when I needed it really hit home to me how results were going to be achieved. The holistic approach with advice, or outsourced advice where needed, has formed the way that I will be coaching going forwards. I have had experience with other coaches and it is safe to say I have learned something from all of them, some good, some bad.

Matt’s experience within the sport has been invaluable to learn from, in my eyes he is the ultimate professional. His own approach to riding, coaching and continual learning is admirable and something to aspire to. While I still have a lot to learn both on and off the bike I do feel that working with Matt is giving me the best possible opportunity to do so.

Coaching so far has been fantastic. I coached Emma Lewis (Fusion RT) to 4th in the BC National TT Championships and also 2nd in the National 25 behind Hayley Simmonds, working with athletes such as Emma has been a real learning experience and subsequently pushed home how much I love working with people to achieve their goals. On the flip side of this I have worked with club level cyclists taking them from a good club level to focusing on National TTs in 2019, this has been through structured and focused training substantially improving riders targets and achievements.

With a road and TT background myself I am excited to work with all types of riders, the demands of the races are very different but making somebody faster and more efficient to get from A to B in the fastest possible time is what really motivates me!"

Matt had this to say about introducing George into the MBPC Coaching Team –

“I first met George in 2015 after he had experienced some bad coaching. But wanted to make improvements in his own performance. We quickly made some gains and working with George I soon learned he had a lot of experience with bike fitting, a willingness to learn and had great people skills. With this in mind I then decide that George would be a perfect match for out coaching team.

We started working together first with our performance reviews and bike fitting. With this progressing I then decided to train George to my style of coaching. One of the first riders he worked with was Emma Lewis, who achieved 4th place in the British Cycling Championships and 2nd in the National 25. Working with a number of riders I could soon see that George had mastered the art of coaching and bike fitting. Making him the perfect match for our coaching services.

We're now really excited to offer our coaching packages through George"

To enquire about coaching please contact or view our packages here

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