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Group Environment Training

One aspect we’re looking to develop for the 2019 season is coordinating opportunities for our cycling coaching and triathlon coaching athletes to train together.

November saw the first of our ‘Race Smart’ coaching days where athletes came up to Harvey Haddon in Nottingham to complete a session on bike handling and transition skills. We’re looking to challenge athletes on their race skills in a competitive environment with plenty of support! Into the New Year we are delivering another bike skills day with a swim session, followed by some Open Water sessions into the season around training camps. One thing I noticed last year, was some physiologically very capable athletes missing the mark with converting it in certain events. Consequently, giving race specific scenarios to practice that and developing the attributes necessary to do so was high on the list!

This week we had coached athletes (plus guests!) together for the week to complete some sessions as a group. Every month we’re looking to bring athletes together like this. Wednesday and Saturday incorporated a ride with tempo intervals, focussing on holding the effort consistently over undulating terrain. Sunday was a steady run around Bradgate park on a lovely sunny day. As the season approaches we’ll look to add open water sessions and race intensity bike sets in position.

This has stemmed from a vision to improve our coaching infrastructure with a broader, more integrated set of performance support. We are planning workshops and advice from experienced practitioners, where athletes take evidence-based information and have support applying it to their own context with us. That’s the vision, watch this space!

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