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Keith Dorling - Real Riders Blog

Keith Dorling was one of Matt's earliest coached riders, he's been around the block more times than even we can count! Self proclaimed full timer Keith is not letting age get in the way of his 2019 targets!

1. Keith, you've been coached by Matt now for some time, how long has it been and how are you still finding it?

This is my 4th year with Matt as my cycling coach, it started out for me as a 2 year plan to see how much I could improve, and unfortunately for Matt he’s still managing to squeeze a bit more out of me, so while I’m still improving, I’m sticking with it, although it’s getting harder mentally has all the big gains have been made and now I’m only a few weeks away from the big 60 I’m just trying to hang on to what I’ve got.

2. You have ridden some incredible times since working with Matt, which has been your favourite result?

Matt will tell you I’m never happy!! The hardest was the 100 getting under 4hrs which was the reason I started cycling again after a 12 year layoff. My best result has to be 59:36 in last years Leo 30 a national age record, but my favourite must be the 50 Team Comp Record, not least because I didn’t even realise my 15 minutes of fame until I got home….ha ha.

3. What is so different about the style of coaching you're receiving now to what you have always done in the past?

In the past I never really trained just went out on my bike when I felt like it, and if I didn’t feel like it I didn’t even though I knew I should. When I did go out there wasn’t any real plan I’d either go out with a chain gang or in the summer I’d race a 10 a couple of nights a week and a race or 2 at the weekends and that was my training plan. Well that’s all changed now, every time I get on the bike it has a purpose every pedal stoke counts, and even if I don’t feel like it I still do what ever Matt has set for the day partly because I‘m thinking what's the point of paying for it if I’m not going to do it, but mainly because I know it works and Matts watching so there’s no hiding.

4. What are the big goals for 2019?

4 big goals for 2019 - The national 10, 25 & 50 age group prize, hopefully I can win one of them. To get on the podium at the Tour of Cambridge (age group) and if I get the day the 25 TT age record.

5. Finally, will we be seeing you in France again in April?!

Oh yes, luckily for Matt I’m there for 2 weeks this year, luckily for me Matts a good cook!!!!!!!

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