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Top 5 reasons to have a cycling or triathlon coach... The rider perspective!

As the time trial season has kicked off for many people now and the tri season is imminent I thought it would be good to follow on from my previous blog on early season training and racing with my top five reasons to get a cycling coach. Well I say 'my' top five reasons, these actually came from someone I coach but also have the pleasure of racing with in team time trials. These are Team Bottrill rider Stephanie Post's top five reasons to get a coach!

CONFIDENCE: A coach is some one to see your potential and get the best out of you as an athlete

MOTIVATION: A coach provides motivation through feedback and planning but also provides that crucial accountability for your training

FOCUS: Having someone with sounds knowledge and experience plan your training ensures consistency and progression

EXPERTISE: A coach gives you objective critique for your training and performance

SUPPORT: A coach helps you through training and racing insecurities but also helps keep you focused during successes!

Steph says, "Having a coach makes training and racing a true team effort. Focus, motivation, support, expertise and a sense of humour (essential!) get the best out of you as an athlete. Race day is about making both of your hard work count!"

I started racing 2 ups with Steph a couple of years ago when a turn of events meant that our respective partners for the Duo Normand (a big team trial in France) couldn't start so we teamed up in the mixed team category. We had a storming ride and we both enjoyed it so much we have continued to get a few TTTs in each year, usually winning the mixed team prize too. Its been ideal as being Steph's coach has meant that I can ensure she is well trained for her main solo goals but also the slightly different demands of the TTTs. It has helped to build a coach/athlete relationship with trust and respect for each other's judgement and ability. We kicked our season off on 2nd March with a win in the mixed category in an open TTT and third place overall, taking some time off our previous best for the course as well. Steph had a really strong ride and it was good to physically see how she has changed as a rider over winter with weight training and some changes to sessions on the bike.

At MBPC we understand the importance of building a strong working relationship with our athletes as this is what gets the best results out of them is most rewarding for coaches as well. This is why we limit the number of people we work with and strive to build confidence and trust in the athletes we provide cycling and tri coaching to.

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