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When Should I Get A Bike Fit?

One of the question I get asked by a number of athletes is when should I get a bike fit or if I’ve had a fit when should I review it?

To start with every athlete I know needs to start with a bike fit. The reason for this is that you can optimise all the key contact areas. Looking at feet, saddle, back position and comfort for your hands and shoulders.

This will lead to less injuries, improved power transfer, increase in stability and most of all riding faster for a lot less effort.

Once you have a base line fit you can then move onwards to looking at aerodynamics and efficiency. Once you have optimised your pedal effectiveness you can then move on to these key areas.

There’s so many bike fits available these days but always look out for reputation. Just because some shop or fitter has the latest motion capture that won’t always lead to a great fit. You will find it hard to beat the trained eye of somebody that has years of fitting practice. One area to look into that will help is a good bike fitter with pressure mapping that will always lead to a good fitting providing it’s done correctly.

Once you have started to optimise your first set up then you can progress from that point. I’d say after your first Bike fit there’s a good chance 6 months later you will need to  be optimising again. Once you start to advance that’s when you can start to progress to once a year. It’s always good to get checked out to make sure everything is aligned and optimised.

What I always say is bike fit is a work in progress. A combination of comfort, speed, power and aerodynamics.

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