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Benefits of following a 12-week MBPC Triathlon Training Plan.

Specificity, consistency and progression are the key components to any successful training plan. That’s why Matt Bottrill along with our MBPC Triathlon coaches Ian Dempsey and Adam Clarke have created 70.3 triathlon training plans.

There are 3, 12-week programmes available. This allows you to choose the option that’s best for you, your lifestyle and your triathlon experience/ability. These pre-planned programmes are ideal if you are not ready to commit to our tailored one-to-one triathlon coaching but want to get race fit for your next triathlon as well as a taste of MBPC coaching. The packages don’t include feedback (that’s reserved for our one-one coaching) however you will receive bespoke sessions expertly planned and an email at the end of then plan to see how you got on.

Having a training plan created by proven successful coaches takes the worry out of the training process. All you need to do is have trust the plan and complete it to the best of your ability, then watch your fitness and confidence rise over the 12 weeks.

All you’ll need to get going:

• A Garmin / Polar or similar smart watch device that will link to Training Peaks.

• Basic (Free) Training Peaks account (you can sign up to Training Peaks free here)

• Power Meter on bike or watt bike access.

• Heart Rate Monitor.

The programme options - (each costing £99.99):

Tri 70.3 with MBPC (7-10 hours per week) The tri 70.3 option introduces and guides you through a structured training plan to build the fitness required to complete your first middle distance triathlon.This plan provides 12 weeks of pre-planned, easy to follow training sessions that will range from 7-10 hours of volume per week through training peaks.

triathlon training plans - cyclist

Smash your 70.3 with MBPC (8-12 hours per week) – Raced a 70.3 and now you want to take your triathlon to the next level? This plan is for you.

This bespoke 12-week training plan designed by experienced athletes and coaches will help you get the most out of each and every session. The structured swim, bike and run sessions planned via training peaks will range from 8 to 12 hours of volume per week.

Ultimate performance 70.3 with MBPC(10-15 hours per week) –

This programme is for athletes who have competed at Olympic or middle-distance triathlons for a while, but they now want to take their performance to the next level. Is this you?

If so, choose this option for a 12-week bespoke triathlon training plan designed by Matt Bottrill, Adam Clarke & Ian Dempsey. Delivered through training peaks the pre-planned, bespoke and easy to follow sessions will range from 10-15 hours per week leaving you ready to get the most out of race day.

triathlon training plans - swimmer

You can buy the plans directly on the MBPC website. For any other information regarding the plans please get in touch at


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