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Still Time To Turn Your Cycling / Triathlon Season Around

With the first few events under most people's belts now, I often find that April / May time is a period of reflection. Seeing how the winter training has gone and what you still need to work on to bring it all together for the “A” races of the year. Don’t panic though, if this is you right now, there is plenty of time to turn it around and smash your season.

Here are my top tips for doing this,

  1. Trust the Process - If you’re working with a triathlon coach or cycling coach, they will be monitoring your performances and making those adjustments within your training continuously. Communication is key in an athlete/ coach relationship. Always keep the dialogue going between you.

  2. Look at your equipment set up - Are there aerodynamic improvements to be made? The finer details in your position on the bike can make the difference between win or 2nd place. Get a professional bike fit, even if you’ve had one before there are always tweaks to be made, it’s an ongoing process. As nothing ever stays the same with your body and you adapt continuously. If you are a triathlete, an efficient bike leg leads to a much better run.

  3. Lifestyle changes - Are you fuelling correctly, getting enough water/ fluids? Are you getting enough sleep? All of these have a a huge affect on your performances. It aids recovery which is key to bringing your A-game come race day. If you’re struggling with nutrition, there are some really good options for race day fuelling, we work with Secret Training and the products are great. I use Big energy. We also have lots of athletes work with professionals such as Alan Murchison to help them get the right meals to aid there training and recovery. Then making a conscious effort to get more sleep can be a game changer, just by going to bed 30mins earlier a night amounts to an extra 3.5 hours a week. Life is busy and trying to fit training around work and family, plus trying to get nutrition, sleep to all balance is a hard task. But by making the small changes amount to a big difference.

  4. Training for the demands of the events - If you are self coached and looking to mix things up a bit, adding more structure to your training or needing some new sessions and ideas to add into your weekly training. Then look at getting a set plan. They by no means equate to the same as a one to one coaching relationship but they can offer fresh ideas and be a great way to help lead you into your events if they are specific to an event. We offer some set plans that can be written specifically for you and your event.

  5. It’s NEVER to late to improve - Never give up! Just because things aren’t going to plan right now, doesn’t mean they won’t do. Constant review and tweaks will keep you evolving. Keep moving forward, ask for help and be the best that you can be. It took me 18 years to have a season where it all came together and I had the best year in my cycling career- 2014.

Believe in yourself, trust the process and never give up on your goals. There’s no better feeling than when you have put your all into it and you achieve it.

If you need any help or advice with your coaching or bike fitting get in touch with us at


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