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Training Top 10 Tips For First Time Trial.

This weekend I competed in the Melton Olympic 25 mile time trial.

Pic by Kimroy

I have this love hate relationship with time trials at the minute! Biggest reason is just the power I’ve lost . Loads of contributions to why but the hardest factor for me is I just know everything that’s needed to win!!! and that’s what I love to do !! But let’s face it I’ve got to be realistic . I’d like to think I set a high standard, so it’s hard to compete with what I did . You imagine winning 25 Time trials in a season. National champs over 10,25,50, circuit champs time trial series and comp records for 25 and 50 miles !! It’s a high level and mentally I like to think I’m that rider but deep down I know so much changed .

So now after beating myself up for years on end I can finally say I’m going to try and relax and enjoy things !! If you know me well you know that’s not easy but hey I’ve least got to try 🤣

So this weekend I set a simple task, pace the way you know works and use aero to your advantage.

Ive been messing around quite a bit with my set up and this weekend achieved the lowest CDA I’ve ever done 49:13 for 25 miles with 301 watts. Pretty impressive and you know what I loved it.

Anyway that’s enough about me . I thought I’d share my top 10 suggestions to get faster.

1- Set a goal and work backwards from it . If you don’t know what your aiming for how can you train?!

2- Mindset - Well if you want to win or set a pb your going to have to suffer !! So you have a reason to do it . For myself it was always the emotion towards my family. If you can unlock that extra 2-5% that’s going to make all the difference of achieving your goals.

3- Fuel the body - Train hard race easy !!! Well at least that’s what one of my athlete says and he’s right . Look after the body, fuel for the sessions but always think of the following days work.

4- Sleep and Rest , don’t forget the simple factors so you can aid recovery .

5 - Consistency Is key - The Big one there’s no record breaking sessions but consistency will bring great rewards . So having a training programme based around work, family and goal can really help this . Also working with the right coach you can adapt the sessions around all the above.

6- Break everything down - Body position is 80% of the drag is from the athletes. So bike fit , clothing and helmet are key areas to make gains. A professional aero bike fit can help reduce your drag significantly and adapting the bike to fit around you .

7- Don't Copy , way to many people copy what others do! The key is to work out what you need. From training to bike fit it’s so individual. So get the right professional advice.

8- Learn from mistakes - If you mess things up then learn! I became a champion by never quitting and learning from the mistakes I made and there were lots.

9- Enjoy - you got to have fun!! Do make sure you have treat days and enjoy the process.

10- Reward - When things go the way you plan make sure you reward yourself and enjoy the process. That way your more likely to make the sacrifices needed.

Get the training done and you will achieve great things.

For any enquiries for cycling coaching and bike fitting (including virtual bike fitting) get in touch


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